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MLC 8 Light 120/240vac w/X P


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The MLC-8X, MLC-8XT, and MLC-8DX Master Lighting Controllers are the best devices for controlling up to eight 1000 watt HID lights from one time-clock or controller. You run 40 amp, 240 volt power into the MLC-8, and all of the outlets are controlled by one 120 volt trigger cable. You can plug the trigger cable into a standard 24 hour timer, environmental controller or one of the C.A.P. HLC series of garden and lighting protection devices. The MLC-8X, MLC-8XT, and MLC-8DX have eight 120/240 volt style outlets which allows for running your ballasts at 120/240 volts without having to change out your ballast power cords. The MLC-8XT has an integrated timer that allows you to control your MLC with the built-in time clock. The MLC-8DX has dual trigger cables to split 2 series of 4 lights. The MLC-8X’s are rated for 40 amps @ 120/240 volts.

3 year no hassle warranty.


Product Code: CAMLC8XT

Manufacturer: CAP (Custom Automated Products)

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